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Disclaimer: I received a free entry to MEC Trail Race One as a nuun Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

My second trail race of the year was a few weeks over a month ago (now that I’m finally writing this report!) I credit fellow nuun Ambassador Jeannine with fuelling my growing interest in trail running, and was glad to have her there at the MEC Trail Race as well!

Big Easter Run

I’m happy share this review of the Big Easter Run by my friend, Susan! Susan has just returned from an epic journey around the world – you can read all about it on her blog, Susan Reboot.

After the craziness of the past few months of selling my home, travelling for 4 months, mom passing and trying to re-establish a life again in Vancouver, I have not run in about a year. Realized how much I missed it. Missed connecting with myself, the nature around me and pushing through mental and physical boundaries that I once thought were unreachable.

Cap Crusher

The last time I ran a trail race was 2016 and it was the MEC North Van Race Five. In fact, I’ve only run three trail races before – the others were 5 Peaks Seymour and MEC North Van Race One. The longest distance was 6K. But since moving to the North Shore, I was bound and determined to tackle the trails once again, so I signed up for the aptly-named Cap Crusher – part of the Coast Mountain Trail Series. Tough? Yes! Worth it? Absolutely!

grouse snowshoe grind mountain run 2019

Now that I finally own my own snowshoes, it was time to run the Snowshoe Grind Mountain Run once again! As a Grouse Mountain Local Pass holder, I got a discount on race entry – and had the chance to run with my friends Sam and Harrison. This sort of thing is always better with people you know! And despite a grumpy start, we ended up having a fantastic time!


We had the most perfect weather for the weekend. There was a record number of participants, including two kids’ races. There was a train. It was everything we could ask from West Van Run 2019!

modo to the mountains

About a decade has passed since I last went to Cypress Mountain. But with a Monday vacation day and some spectacular weather, what could be better than booking a car and grabbing our snowshoes to Modo to the mountains!


icebreaker 8k

*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary entry to the Icebreaker 8k as part of the West Van Run Team. Don’t forget to sign up for the 2019 West Van Run – and save with code ‘bradley’!

The day started out on a weird note, as I woke on race morning with a feeling of anxiety. My last race was the Fall Classic 10k back in November. Subsequently, I fell ill enough to miss nearly two months of running. Heading into 2019, I’ve laced up my sneakers again, but I’m nowhere near my optimal running condition. However, all that anxiety washed away as I reunited with my running family at this year’s Steveston Icebreaker 8k!


One week into 2019. This is how it begins. With hope and enthusiasm. With expectations and a bit of trepidation. Plans have been made, some plans will change. I’m made a conscious decision to avoid articulating any notorious New Year’s Resolutions because – hey – isn’t not making them all the rage these days? Having said that, a few things have been happening…

Running & Cycling – but No Snowshoeing

Started 2019 right, with a run! Not a long one. But because 2018 ended on a low point, I had to get out on the first day of the year. Then it was my ‘triumphant’ return to RunVan! My Thursday morning crew was there, and I couldn’t believe how much I’d missed them! Never mind that it was the absolute worst weather ever – possibly the wettest run of my life (or, at least, in the top 5!)

This picture does not capture how utterly drenched I am

Later in the week, the West Van Run Crew held a fantastic social run from North Van’s Lonsdale Quay – it was so awesome to catch up with more of my running friends!

Snowshoeing at Grouse Mountain was on the calendar for today – but the mountain didn’t open until 11am because of the weather (which was fine down at sea level). Instead, I took my brand new bike out for a ride along the beautiful North Shore Spirit Trail.

My virgin snowshoes
My fabulous new bike!

Races for 2019

I’m trying to be a bit more fluid with my race schedule this year. Trying to ‘go with the flow’. Still, there are a few things already on the calendar:

January 20Icebreaker 8k in Steveston. Hoping desperately for better weather than last year’s wind tunnel! I don’t feel at all prepared for the first race of the 2019 season, but I’ll do what I can.

February 10First Half Half Marathon – organized this year by the Vancouver International Marathon Society (RunVan). Oh, and it’s their 30th anniversary! Eager to see what the race has in store, even if a half marathon distance is kind of freaking me out right now. (I felt more prepared last year)

February 24Snowshoe Grind Mountain Run at Grouse Mountain. I skipped this race last year because I was so worried about falling down and hurting myself in the lead up to Eugene Marathon. This year – I’m gonna just give ‘er (as they say in the Prairies)!

March 2 & 3West Van Run – as an Ambassador for this awesome event, I’ll be running bot the 5k and the 10k. Haven’t signed up yet? Save 10% at registration with discount code ‘BRADLEY’!!

March 24Cap Crusher. Ack! My first trail run in a few years. But it’s close to home here on the North Shore, and my buddy Jeannine told me it’s a great race, so I’m holding her accountable for whatever happens that day! Ha!

April 14Vancouver Sun Run – my 10th Runniversary! Yep – back in 2009, my first ever race was the Sun Run. It was terrifying and amazing – and then I was addicted.

On the Maybe List

  • Seek the Peak – a run from Ambleside to Grouse Mountain…should I do it?
  • 5 Peaks – not sure which race – or how many races – I’ll do in this series. My first trail race ever was the 5 Peak Seymour in 2015, and I’m ready to try again!
  • MEC Trail Series – one or more of these races might be happening…

nuun Ambassadorship

I’m totally honoured to have been accepted as an ambassador for nuun Hydration in 2019! I always have nuun in the cupboard and pick up tubes of this awesome product at running events. Expect to hear more from me about nuun in the coming months!

What does 2019 have in store for you?

I’d love to have some feedback from my readers on your plans – running or otherwise – for 2019? Please add a comment below!

May 2019 bring you lots of happiness and joy!