My 10th Runniversary: Vancouver Sun Run 2019

10th Runniversary

How has it been 10 years? Those jittery feelings at my first ever road race – the 2009 Vancouver Sun Run – seem so familiar. Sometimes I still wonder how someone as unathletic as me ever became a runner. But I guess all that was required to make a fundamental shift in my life was that first step. And now, with well over 100 races under my belt and a runner blog, of all things…celebrating my 10th Runniversary at Sun Run 2019!

It all started with this wonderful woman who, just days before the 2019 Sun Run, unexpectedly showed up at our Thursday morning Run Van:

10th Runniversary

Thank you, Lana, for passing along your 2009 Sun Run race bib to a friend-of-a-friend, allowing me to experience the thrill of my first race! (*Please note that I don’t advocate bib-sharing, although it’s a common practice at the Sun Run. Nevertheless, it’s part of my humble beginnings story…)

Sun Run 2019

Up until last year, we just had to leave home and walk a few blocks to the Sun Run start line. Now that home is on the North Shore, transit was involved so I wanted to make sure we were on time. And boy, were we ever – look at those empty streets!

sun run 2019

Contrast that to an hour later, as nearly 45,000 runners and walkers lined up for the biggest 10K in Canada!

sun run 2019
10th Runniversary

I know the Sun Run route like the back of my hand – this was my 7th time running it (read about Sun Run 2016 and 2015). I’m getting pretty good at pacing myself, so I will still feeling pretty energetic when Debra snapped my good side on Beach Avenue.

10th Runniversary
Photo: Debra Kato

Having seeded myself forward enough in the crowds, I didn’t have to spend much of my time dodging others. It was a smooth run, no surprises.

Except for this one-of-a-kind finish line photo from above – the balloons heralding the final steps of the race. Thanks, Jeannine!!

sun run 2019
Photo: Jeannine Avelino

Honestly, I didn’t have a lot of expectations going into this race. Despite being thrilled to celebrate 10 years of racing, I haven’t been particularly focused on speed training and I had no illusions of achieving a PB at this race. How delighted I was, then, to break 50 minutes!

sun run 2019

I’m always amazed when I run into friends at a race of this size – but there he was, my buddy Chris! He killed it, of course.

While waiting around for others to finish, the weather turned. It started out with a light mist, and then started to rain in earnest. Without warning, the rain started to hurt – and moments later the hail was pummelling runners and spectators alike. I fled for the shelter of BC Place.

sun run 2019

Finally, headed inside with the crowds for the post-race event. Lots of people, so much stuff and a remarkable view.

sun run 2019

I always have mixed feelings about the Vancouver Sun Run. It evokes a lot of emotions, including nostalgia and anticipation. I have also found it kind of overwhelming, with oh so many people converging on downtown Vancouver. Unequivocally, I encourage anyone who wants to complete a 10K to give the Sun Run a try!

Final Results

Chip Time: 49:53
Overall Place: 3361/41341
Gender Place: 2807/19868
Place in Age Group (45-49): 177/1588
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