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running europe

Back in September, we took an incredible, memorable vacation to Europe. Although we had a fantastic trip to the UK back in 2016 (where I had the chance to run in London, Yorkshire and Edinburgh), this was our first visit to ‘continental’ Europe. We did a loop, taking us from the Netherlands to Belgium to Germany and back again to Amsterdam.

Most of the trip was dedicated to sightseeing, and we clocked 15-20km just sightseeing pretty much every day. Despite this, I made an effort to run a little bit in each country, and I loved the experience of Running Europe!

Belgium – Bruges (Brugge)

A lot of people know this city from the film In Bruges, and it tends to be a day-trip location. We made the decision to stay three nights (at the beautiful and historic Hotel Jan Brito) and I’m so glad we did!

My plan had been to run the full loop of the old city. I got lost, followed the wrong canal, and ended up cutting through the middle of town. Still, I got to see all the sites I wanted to see. My favourite place in Europe, hands down!

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running bruges

Germany – Dusseldorf

We visited our friends Ceylon and Matt, who live just blocks from the Rhine River. Prior to dinner on the day of our arrival, we went out for a scenic run along the river and through nearby Nordpark.

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running dusseldorf

Germany – Graach an der Mosel

On a weekend road trip to the Mosel River Valley, we stayed at a little vineyard in Graach an der Mosel. After an evening of enjoying some local Reisling, I managed a short, slow run/jog/hike amongst the grapes.

Strava map link

running grach an der mosel

Netherlands – Maastricht

At the very southeastern tip of the Netherlands, Masstricht is a scenic university town, much less frequented by tourists. Straddling the River Meuse, it was just ideal for a morning run.

Strava map link

running maastricht

Netherlands – Amsterdam

Back in Amsterdam, I just had to get in a run during our final day in Europe. From the houseboat we stayed in on one of the canal, I took a jaunt to Flevopark and enjoyed all the greenery.

Strava map link

running amsterdam

We’re hoping to take another vacation to Europe in 2020! Fingers crossed!!


  1. Bryan Balmer

    Thanks for giving us such a lovely glimpse into your adventures!! Great photos. Happy New Year, and wishing you and your partner a healthy and fulfilling 2020. No more injuries!!

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