Three years ago was the first and only time I’d run Gunner Shaw. For the following two years, I was deathly ill *dramatic sigh* and unable to participate. Despite the fact that I might have enjoyed my post-birthday celebrations a wee bit too much the previous night, I was excited to once again run the Gunner Shaw Cross Country 5K this year, making it my final race of the 2010’s.

Since I hadn’t signed up ahead of time (because I didn’t want to jinx things and get sick again), I had to arrive early enough to register. As I was driving over Lions Gate Bridge, I couldn’t help but notice that I could barely see the city for the fog and misty rain. This is the stuff of good cross country races – damp, muddy conditions that make you wonder what you’ve gotten yourself into.

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north van run

After returning from nearly two weeks in Europe, I honestly wasn’t feeling in the mood to tackle a race. Sure, I did a bit of running while travelling, but let’s be honest – those were runs combined with sightseeing and photo ops: hardly what could be considered training! On top of it all – jetlag!

Photo Credit: Bee Vee

But I knew a whole bunch of people running this year’s North Van Run and heck, I live in North Van! So Sunday morning, it was off to the races!

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Revel Chilliwack

The REVEL Race Series is known across the US for creating fast downhill courses, usually held in more remote, mountainous locations. So when their inaugural race in Canada – REVEL Chilliwack – was announced back in the spring, I decided to check it out. I read a few reviews, which spoke to their great organization and quality medals – and decided to register. My legs are sore but my heart is happy after doing this race!

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5 peaks cypress

After nearly a year living on the North Shore, I thought I was better at hills. I learned my lesson at 5 Peaks Cypress on the Enduro course…I’m not. As we were waiting in the corral, Race Director Solana told us the hills were ‘soul crushing’. She didn’t lie. Rocks and trees and fog and a bit of rain and oh-so-many hills ensured that we had a brutally fantastic race day experience, where time and distance lose all meaning and it’s just you and the trail…

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Hot on the heels of the small but mighty Shaughnessy 8K comes the first ‘summer’ run – the aptly named West Van Run Summer! With a total of three races this year, including the long-standing tradition of the Ambleside Mile, the 5K and – for the first time ever – the Kids’ Mile, West Van Run Summer has something for everyone. The biggest change for 2019 was the new courses, which only served to make the event even better!

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July is now upon us and I’m only now writing my Shaughnessy 8K review…a race I ran way back in May! Chock it up to trying to make the most of the summer, spending more time outdoors and less at my computer. However, it’s weirdly chilly and rainy right now, so it’s the perfect time to start getting caught up on the blog. And what better way than with one of the best local races in town – the crowd-pleasing Shaughnessy 8K!

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Run for Women Vancouver 2019

Posted: June 2, 2019 in My Story
run for women

A year ago, we met up with Michelle and Susan for brunch in Kits. They had just finished the Run for Women and they couldn’t say enough good things about it. Especially the amazing grab bag from sponsor Shoppers Drug Mart, crammed full of all the essentials. On top of that, it takes place in the scenic trails of Pacific Spirit Regional Park.

How could I resist, then, when they signed up again for the 2019 Run for Women? Well – I couldn’t!

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10th Runniversary

How has it been 10 years? Those jittery feelings at my first ever road race – the 2009 Vancouver Sun Run – seem so familiar. Sometimes I still wonder how someone as unathletic as me ever became a runner. But I guess all that was required to make a fundamental shift in my life was that first step. And now, with well over 100 races under my belt and a runner blog, of all things…celebrating my 10th Runniversary at Sun Run 2019!

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