Running Europe – Belgium, Germany, Netherlands

Back in September, we took an incredible, memorable vacation from the Netherlands to Belgium to Germany and back again to Amsterdam. Most of the trip was dedicated to sightseeing, but I made an effort to run a little bit in each country, and I loved the experience of Running Europe!

All the Reports I Didn’t Write – 2019 Races

I have to admit I won’t be sad to see the end of 2019. Although lots of good things happened, the year as a whole took its toll on me personally and professionally. As a result, my blog suffered and I didn’t keep up the consistent writing I generally aspire to. So, as the year draws to a close, I’m going to briefly summarize each of the races that I ‘missed’ reporting on this year!

Gunner Shaw 2019

Despite the fact that I might have enjoyed my post-birthday celebrations a wee bit too much the previous night, I was excited to once again run the Gunner Shaw Cross Country 5K this year, making it my final race of the 2010’s. This is the stuff of good cross country races – damp, muddy conditions that make you wonder what you’ve gotten yourself into.

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