All the Reports I Didn’t Write – 2019 Races


I have to admit I won’t be sad to see the end of 2019. Although lots of good things happened, the year as a whole took its toll on me personally and professionally. An all-consuming work project demanded a significant amount of time through until the end of August (although, on the upside, I got a new job out of it!). Big changes with my family meant several unscheduled visits back to Ontario – blessedly, things are now settled and everyone is happy.

As a result of all this, my blog suffered and I didn’t keep up the consistent writing I generally aspire to. Once I had run a race, I just didn’t have the energy to report on it. I was tired, I was uninspired. I felt bad about it, but not bad enough to get down to business. So, as the year draws to a close, I’m going to briefly summarize each of the races that I ‘missed’ reporting on this year!

Seek the Peak

June – I joined team ‘It Was Jeannine’s Idea’ with Sam and (you guessed it) Jeannine to run the Seek the Peak Relay. I took the first and second legs from Ambleside Park to the foot of Grouse Mountain. It started out quick enough and finished with a gruelling slog up Nancy Green Way. 8.5 km and 386m in elevation gain. Sam conquered the Grouse Grind in a mere 51:33. Then Jeannine took the reins, beetling to the peak of Grouse and back to the finish line.

It was tough, hot, inspiring, and a lot of camaraderie with my team. The free beer didn’t hurt, either!

Results: 2:14:11

Questioning my life choices on Nancy Greene Way
Done my legs!
The team – before and after!
Seek the Peak 2019
Finish line!

Scotiabank 5K

June – Although I’ve run the Scotiabank Half Marathon a number of times, I’d only run the 5K once before – back in 2009, when it was still an untimed ‘fun run’. This year, as I waited in the corral with Lei-Lani and a few other familiar faces, I marvelled at how few people there were in front of us.

Somehow – likely because most of the speedsters were competing in the Half Marathon – I came first in my age group! This was unexpected and utterly thrilling! The age group medal was hefty, and the matte black race medal is definitely one of my favourites!

Results: 23:22 (45/2035 overall; 1/67 age group)

Scotiabank 5K 2019
LOVE this medal!
Lei-Lani kicked butt!
Massive age group medal!

Canada Beer Run

June – After the Scotiabank 5K, I met up with my buddy Chris and his friends at Andina Brewing to run the Canada Beer Run! Without question, this was a beer-centred event and the ‘running’ was merely our means of getting from one brewery to the next. There were costumes and lots of laughs, particuarly when I tripped over my own feet, tumbled and righted myself…after only the first beer!

We visited Off The Rail and East Van Brewing, and wrapped up at Red Truck Beer. In total, we ‘ran’ about 9 kilometres, and our Instagram submission netted us a team prize – Canada Beer Run socks! The t-shirt was cute but tiny, so I gifted it on to my hubby.

Results: who cares?? It was a beer run!

Our first beer
Canada Beer Run 2019
Our winning photo!
Three beers in?
Nifty wooden medal


July – Always a crowd favourite, the baked goods at this year’s Summerfast really took the cake (guffaw). I did pretty well with my pacing, staying reasonably consistent until a little burst of energy at the finish line. But

Other than sweet treats, the thing that keeps me coming back for this race is seeing all of my friends from the local running community. It’s such a positive, team-focused vibe.

Results: 48:50 (199/546 overall; 14/27 age group)

Summerfast 10K 2019
Home Baking!

Squamish Days 8K

August – Hot, hot, hot! The August long weekend is usually reserved for the Pride Parade and Powell Street Japanese Festival, but I decided it was time to head up the Sea to Sky Highway for this local Squamish event. Lots of familiar faces, including Debra in her lumberjack finest!

In the last couple of years, I’ve tended to run a lotof races that I’ve done before. It’s always good to mix things up, visit new locations, and run new routes. There wasn’t a lot of shade in Squamish though and boy, it was a sizzler.

Results: 38:20 (33/68 gender)

Lumberjack Debra
Squamish 8K 2019
Stunning views – Howe Sound

Seawall Race

October – Feeling particularly sporty, I made the questionable decision to cycle to Stanley Park for the James Cunningham Seawall Race. My fingers had turned to ice cubes by the time I got there, and I couldn’t wait to get the running started! I had won my entry as a door prize at the Shaughnessy 8K, adding to the thrill of the event!

In addition to lots of Hallowe’en candy, we got a spectacular medal with an image of Harry Jerome. Next year is the race’s 50th Annviersary!

Results: 52:50 (90/346 overall; 9/19 age group)

View from Lion’s Gate Bridge
Seawall Race 2019
Awesome medal

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