Friday Five: Races for 2016


Friday Five Races

Reflecting back on 2015, it was quite a year in my running career. Here are the numbers:

After all of that, 2016 is going to be a more conservative year in terms of racing in particular. I want to focus more on training, on strength, on form, and on recovery. But don’t worry – I’ll still be racing! And here they are: 5 races I’m looking forward to in 2016!

Friday Five 1st Half

First Half Half Marathon

When: February 14
Where: Downtown Vancouver & Stanley Park

Admittedly, I always look forward to the First Half! One of the title sponsors of the race is Forerunners, who I run with on a weekly basis. It’s a relatively small race, extremely well-organized, and the start line is about a 10-minute walk from my front door. The post-race food and swag giveaways are awesome. It sells out every year, BUT they allow bib swaps. Really, it’s everything a race should be.

The First Half also holds a special place in my heart because it’s the first half marathon in which I broke 2 hours, back in 2013. This year will be my fifth time running the race. You can read about last year’s race here: First Half Half Marathon 2015.

Friday Five WVR

West Van Run

When: March 5 & 6
Where: Dundarave Park & the West Vancouver Seawall

If you read my blog regularly, this won’t be the first time you’ve heard about the West Van Run. I am very honoured to represent this race as an ambassador for 2016. Some of the neat things about the race this year:

  • 2-day event, with a 5k on Saturday and 10k on Sunday (I’m running both)
  • 1k Kids’ race offered on both days
  • Variety of team challenges

West Van Run was the very first race I ever reviewed when I started my blog back in 2014. You can read about past races here:

Also, until Wednesday, January 29, you can enter to win a free entry!

Friday Five Platte River

Platte River Half Marathon

When: April 10
Where: Denver, Colorado

I’m really excited about this race for a number of reason:

  • First visit ever to Colorado!
  • We’re visiting a friend of mine who I met in Japan – she lives in Denver with her family. We haven’t see each other in well over a decade!
  • This will be my first race officially representing BibRave! I was pleased to received a free entry as a result of being a BibRave Pro

One of the things I’m nervous about, though, is running at altitude. I live on the coast and I’m used to running at sea level. I’m not entirely sure what to expect – but I’m not expecting a record time!

I am also able to offer 10% off with the discount code: ‘bibrave10

Friday Five SF

San Francisco 2nd Half Marathon

When: July 31
Where: San Francisco!

Why the 2nd Half? Well, the SF Marathon is unique in that it combines a full marathon with two half marathons that mirror – surprise, surprise – the first and second halves of the full marathon course. (There’s also an ultra is your one of those people!)

In 2015, I ran the 1st Half (race report), which took me across the Golden Gate Bridge! The 2nd Half starts in Golden Gate Park, runs through Haight/Ashbury and the Mission District, and ends at the Embarcadero, where I started last year.

Friday Five SF Medals

Also, by doing both half marathons in consecutive years, I’ll qualify for the Half It All Challenge, and get an extra medal!

Friday Five SeaWheeze

SeaWheeze Half Marathon

When: August 13
Where: Downtown Vancouver, Kitsilano & Stanley Park

I got in! Most folks in the running scene have at least heard of the infamous SeaWheeze, sponsored by yoga brand lululemon. Spurred on by a couple of girlfriends, I jumped on the registration bandwagon, and got a coveted entry. Now I’m excited!

It’s interesting to note that less than 20% of SeaWheeze runners are male.

Apparently there are tons of weekend events, so I look forward to experiencing what it’s all about! Stay tuned!



I’m linking up with Eat Pray Run DCMar on the Run, and You Signed Up for What?! again this week. It’s a ‘free Friday’ – but I’ll stick to running!

What races are you looking forward to in 2016?


    • Haha – thank you! To be fair, it was late summer so an Arctic run was not as tough as it sounds. But still, it was a great experience! I’m excited about that 2nd half in San Fran, too!

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