Monthly Update: Goodbye June, Hello July!


Keeping with the theme that I picked up from Brie (Like the Cheese) , I’m going to once again do my Monthly Update. Today – July 1 – is Canada Day…midway point in the year, and a great time for reflection back on what has been, and what is yet to come!

Canada Day

In June, I…

1. Ran with Brie! Fellow #BibRavePro Brie and I met up a couple of times to run along the Seawall at lunch. It’s been great to connect with another local blogger, run and share thoughts about the social media and running/blogging scene. Plus, she’s inspiring me with all the stuff she’s doing, and keeping me accountable!


2. Hit 1000 Twitter followers! During yesterday’s #BibChat, I sneaked out of the 900’s and into the 1000’s! I’ve been trying to grow my social media presence through organic growth, and writing openly and honestly about my running and other life experiences. Thanks for your support! If you don’t already follow me on Twitter, please visit me: @bjcjapan.


3. Met Surpassed my fundraising goal! My regular readers know that I committed to raising money for the BC Cancer Foundation as part of the Scotiabank Half Marathon Charity Challenge. I had originally set my goal at $2015, but once donations surpassed this number, I bumped it up to $3000. In the end, a total of $3140 was raised! Read my Scotiabank Half Race Report!


In July, I will…

1. Run 2 Half Marathons! I’m keeping with my #yearofthehalf theme for 2015. On Monday, I registered for the Fort Langley Half Marathon on July 12. I’ll be running with Bob (see his guest post on last year’s NYC Marathon), and I’m looking forward to this small, local race.

At the end of July, we’re visiting California so I can run the San Francisco Half Marathon! I’m running the ‘first half’, so I can run the Golden Gate Bridge! Aiming for fun! Plus, we get to see some friends for the first time in over 5 years – can’t wait!!

2. Do a Streaking Challenge! No, I’ve not spent enough time at the gym to run naked (despite what I did here), but I’m picking up the gauntlet thrown down by Gary (@maniac5702) to Brie (@briehemingway) and Christina (@cristinaschultz) to run a minimum 3km per day. The rules include being able to make up if you miss a day, but the goal is to run back-to-back every day.


3. Work on my blogging schedule. Sometimes I feel like I’m pulling things together at the last minute. I feel like planning ahead would help with my blogging consistency. I would welcome advice from any of my blogging buddies out there!

It’s the middle of 2015! Have you met some of the goals you set for yourself this year?
What does the rest of 2015 have in store for you?
To the bloggers out there: how do you prepare? Do you have a blogging calendar?

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