Guest Blog: NYC Marathon 2014


During our run a few weeks back, I asked Bob if he’d be willing to write a guest post for me about his experiences at the 2014 New York City Marathon (NYC Marathon). I’m so pleased that he agreed to share his story!

NYC Marathon
The morning started out at a cool 7 degrees Celsius with a very strong wind. We headed to our respective athlete villages where we could eat, drink and line up for porta-potties. At 10:07 wave 2 began our long 26.2-mile journey to Central Park amongst the excited chatter of every language!
NYC Marathon
Crossing the Verrazano Bridge on the lower deck was a real tough challenge due to the strong winds. All I could hear over the roar of the wind was the constant flapping of the runners’ bibs. The sight of the women’s long hair blowing out sideways was impressive. It was even difficult to run upright or in a straight line. The wind let up a bit after the bridge, so about 4km in I discarded my throwaway sweatshirt but kept on my gloves. The crowd support throughout the race was amazing and it was interesting to see the different ethnicities in the five different boroughs. I ran the whole race along the side high-fiving the women and children mostly.
NYC Marathon
The finish line in Central Park came up suddenly after I noticed everyone in front of me had stopped running. After 4:29:45 the NYC Marathon was over. I just had to endure a long walk to get the poncho amidst the yells of “You’re almost there!” (which I heard all morning). What a great experience!
NYC Marathon
Congratulations, Bob! Awesome race – and such an amazing experience! I continue to be inspired by all the runners I have met through my time at Forerunners!


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