West Van Run Summer 2018


West Van Run Summer

How time flies! A month ago I was running West Van Run Summer, and now it’s already July! I’ve even run a half marathon in the meantime! Life has been full and fun and fulfilling, and included a trip back to Ontario for my cousin’s wedding – so blogging has taken a bit of a back seat. However, I had such a great time at West Van Run Summer that I wanted to get my thoughts down on paper (so to speak) before an autumn chill was in the air!

West Van Run Summer started last year, but I missed it because I was running the North Olympic Discovery Half Marathon. I was stoked to be able to run this year, and participate in not just one but two races on the same day – the West Van Run Summer 5k and the Ambleside Mile!

Ambleside Mile

You might recall the Ambleside Mile from previous posts. I’ve run it several times (2016, 2015, 2014) and always relished the challenge. This year was no exception. I felt that all the training I’ve been doing would pay off, because I’ve included some grueling track workouts in my regimen!

Debra kindly picked up Sam and me, and we headed over to West Vancouver. Most of Marine Drive was shut down for the race and – later- the parade that would head down the street. The mood was buoyant and excited, and although I wanted to get in a pre-race run, I had to stop for a few pictures!

West Van Run Summer West Van Run Summer West Van Run Summer

After a quick out-and-back along the seawall, I arrived at the packed corral just in time. I squeezed myself in a few rows back from the elite…and from a wall of children. The challenge ahead of me turned out differently than I expected; not from the short but intense sprint, but from the ankle-biters just ahead…

The gun went off. The pack surged forward. And within 50 metres there were children tumbling over, knocked to the ground by the force of their own enthusiasm. Not long after, the slightly older kids that had burst out ahead with boundless energy tapped their reserves, and came to a dead stop immediately in front of me. The odd young one would weave in and out of the crowd, cutting off other runners without a care. It was an unpredictable obstacle course.

As we rounded the corner, everything went back to normal. I found my pace, pushed forward, and focused on the goal. I tried to ignore the pain. I fought for breath. This is how it looked:

West Van Run Summer

And within less than 7 minutes, it was over. I had a medal around my neck. And I hadn’t conquered the mile. While not a time to sneeze at, I was unable to best my previous one mile record.  If only I hadn’t lost a few precious seconds during the tumult at the start.

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE that the kids are running. It should be encouraged, for sure. In the future, though, I’d like to see something a bit more kid-friendly. Room for improvement here – but otherwise a great event, an awesome medal, and a solid run!

West Van Run Summer West Van Run Summer

Final Results – Mile

Chip time: 6:34
Average pace:  4:05 min/km
Overall place: 43/223
Place in age category: 8/18

Click here for complete race results

West Van Run Summer 5K

Not 20 minutes later, we were lined up again for the second race of the morning – the West Van Run Summer 5k!

Given the agony of a 1-mile race, the pace of a 5k seemed almost leisurely. Since the first 2.5 kilometres actually mirrored the route of the Ambleside Mile, so I was in familiar territory. And I had a much better handle on what I was doing…and felt better doing it!

West Van Run Summer West Van Run Summer

Then we had a straightaway along Ambleside Park, and the final kilometre back along the seawall. We reached our goal just steps from the beach, celebrating another 5k completed!


West Van Run Summer coincided with West Vancouver’s Community Day, so there were lots of stalls and vendors at the finish line! I had a chance to connect with all of my running friends, including this awesome group of pace bunnies!

It was great to be able to take home two medals for a half hour of running! In what other race could you do that?? I’m excited for next year’s race day already!

Final Results – 5k

Chip time: 23:17
Average pace: 4:40 min/km
Overall place: 95/495
Place in age category: 17/48

Click here for complete race results

Don’t forget – you can still register for the 2nd Annual North Van Run to be held on September 30, 2018. Save an additional 10% with discount code: BRADLEY

Quick Recap – West Van Run Summer 2018

Social Media: I’m always impressed with West Van Run’s social media activity. In addition to an informative website, you can follow them on various channels:  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Packet Pickup: As usual, Debra was a true superstar and picked us race bis for a whole bunch of us. Package pickup was held at the offices of race sponsor Greyell Portfolio Management in West Vancouver for those who were able to get there ahead of time.

T-Shirt/Swag: I didn’t get a t-shirt, but I got two medals! Similar design with different lanyards, adding a definite ‘pop’ to my medal collection! Love the design!

Course: Fast and flat. The mile has a bit more uphill (given the distance), but the 5k is a great course to achieve a PB. That’s what I’ll be gunning for next year!

Post-Race: Lots of vendors with samples, including coffee! For those who want to hang around, there are lots of activities for Community Day, including a parade. Fun for the whole family!

Would I Run It Again? See you in 2019!!

West Van Run Summer

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