OASIS Shaughnessy 8k 2017


Shaughnessy 8K

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary entry to the 2017 Oasis Shaughnessy 8k – many thanks to the folks at Lions Gate Road Runners!

The last time I ran the Shaughnessy 8k was way back in 2013, so I was stoked to have another chance to run it again this year! Although I remembered how much I enjoyed it – and even made the photo on the rack card one time! – I’ve realized anew that this is one of the top local ‘small’ races in Vancouver, and totally one you should be running!


With all the activity leading up to the BMO Vancouver Marathon a few weeks ago, the Shaughnessy 8k had kind of fallen off my radar. But with the encouragement and support of a couple of my best running peeps – Debra Kato & Margaret Buttner – I was pretty excited and raring to go as race day approached.

Although ‘morning-of’ pickup was available, I dragged a couple of friends over to the 4th Avenue Running Room to gather my race package. And glad I did, because I was greeted by the warm and friendly smiles of Judy Westacott and Cynthia Stout!

Shaughnessy 8K

The more running I do in Vancouver, the more often I ‘run’ into people I know, and I love it!

Race Morning

Made sure to get a good sleep before my early morning wakeup call! Grabbed a Modo car share and made sure I got to Kerrisdale Arena in plenty of time. Turned out, it was more than plenty…I had it in my mind that the race started at 8am, but it was actually 8:30am. Which let me relax, snap photos, and just take it easy beforehand. Happily, coffee (supplied by Ethical Bean) was there to keep runners warm!

Shaughnessy 8K

I was joined by fellow West Van Runners Samantha and Debra (who rushed in at the last minute, providing some great speedy selfies!).

Shaughnessy 8K Shaughnessy 8KShaughnessy 8K Shaughnessy 8K Shaughnessy 8K

There was also a significant turnout from Forerunners – a great collection of runners!

Shaughnessy 8K

The Course – Shaughnessy 8K

Although it departs from Kerrisdale, the Shaughnessy 8K runs through the quiet residential streets of – surprise, surprise – Shaughnessy, one of Vancouver’s most prestigious neighbourhoods. However, the first kilometre (which is also the last) involves a straightaway, followed by a surprisingly challenging hill. This is familiar territory – the stuff of Shaughnessy 8K legends. After a 35-year history, it’s hard to keep something like this a secret!

Shaughnessy 8K

What follows is a double 6km loop of Shaughnessy – shaded by big, old trees and flanked on both sides by some impressive homes. Except for the 4 times crossing West 33rd Avenue, we encountered no traffic – the streets are peaceful. No crowds cheering, not even folks peering out from behind their curtains (that I noticed).

The best kept secret of the Shaughnessy 8K is that old-faithful of all euphemisms…the undulating hills. The course looks flat. If you were driving the neighbourhood, you’d probably think it’s flat. In fact, those gently rolling hills are surprisingly taxing, especially the second time around! Because they’re so gradual, that’s where they get you!

Shaughnessy 8K

Remember that uphill in the first kilometre? You think – oh, whew, an easy downhill! Except that the road dips, and you have to run UP AGAIN before you get to go downhill. THAT I had forgotten!! But it’s OK – that final downhill propels you to a…well, to a finish!


What really stands out about the Shaughnessy 8K is everything that comes after the race. First and most importantly, all the familiar faces – the ones cheering at the finish line and making it all worthwhile.

Then there was the food! Bananas, yoghurt, bagels (with the most amazing salmon cream cheese!), SUBWAY cookies, OASIS juice, Ethical Bean coffee…the works!

Shaughnessy 8K Shaughnessy 8K

Oh, and did I mention cookies? Just ask Gord – who won a whole bag!

Shaughnessy 8K Shaughnessy 8K

Wait…he won? Yes – one of the many door prizes!! Generous gifts provided by sponsors like the Running Room, Stong’s Grocery, CA5 Athletics, and Blueshore Financial – who also took complimentary post-race photos!

Shaughnessy 8K

Here’s Margaret showing off one of the many gift cards, and Sam with her complimentary Eastside 10K entry!


Finally (and actually interspersed with door prizes…), age group winners were announced. The Forerunners gang made a pretty good showing, with multiple folks getting age group medals (congrats to Janet, Carlos, Teresa, Tania, Darrell and Mina!)

Shaughnessy 8K Shaughnessy 8K

Including me! This never happens, and I was so incredibly surprised and stoked to place 2nd in my age group!

Shaughnessy 8K Shaughnessy 8K

Final Results

Chip Time: 39:52
Average Pace: 4:59 min/km
Overall Place:  49/154
Place in Age Category: 2/9

Shaughnessy 8K

Shaughnessy 8k – Quick Recap

Social Media: Lions Gate Road Runners keep us update on all of their races, including #Shaughnessy8k. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook!

Package Pickup: Quick and easy at the Running Room, with morning-of pickup manned by cheerful volunteers. It’s not a big race, so no huge lineups.

T-Shirt/Swag: T-shirts were available for purchase, but there are no finisher medals. However, the generous volume of food and the array of door prizes make it all worthwhile! Chances of coming away with something are high!!

Course: Big hill at the start, back downhill at the finish. Double 3k loop with ‘rolling hills’ to keep things interesting. Quiet, shady residential streets. The heart of Vancouver! I should also mention that there is a 5k walking course (the TNT Poker Walk) – cuts out the second loop of the course.

Post-Race: You can’t go wrong with oodles of food, door prizes, age group winner medals, free photos, and a great community spirit! Stick around until the very end…I did!

Would I Run It Again? Because I was out of town in May the past few years, I wasn’t able to run Shaughnessy 8K. But I’ve been missing out! Yes, without a doubt, I’ll be back in 2018! And I’d better see you there!!

Shaughnessy 8K

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