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I’m very excited about what 2017 has in store. While I’ve already written about some of the races I’m looking forward to this year, I’ve only mentioned in passing the three organizations that I’m proudly representing. So, without further ado, let me tell you about my 2017 Ambassadorship Trifecta – West Van Run, BibRave, and Run Laughlin!

West Van Run

It all began in 2014. I’d been running for a few years, and finally signed up for a race I hadn’t previously heard of – the West Van Run. I was really impressed with the organization of the race, and how active their Race Director – Kirill – was on social media. I was inspired. Race day came – it was snowing, which was incredibly weird and rare – and I broke my 10k record. And then I made a decision. I was going to BLOG about it! The rest, as the cliche goes, is history. With my first ever race reportBradley on the Run was born!

But my relationship with West Van Run continued. In 2015, I was asked to join the West Van Run Team, and become one of the official representatives of the race. This included the unique opportunity to be featured on promotional materials, to be a ‘poster boy’ for the race.

I’m pleased to continue to represent West Van Run. Since that first run, honestly, I’ve never really stopped! The event has now expanded into a whole weekend – and you don’t want to miss it!

Just the essentials:

  • Date: March 4 (5k) and March 5 (10k), 2017
  • Location: Dundarave, West Vancouver
  • Discount: save 15% with discount code ‘bradley
  • Website:

The final price increase is coming up on Tuesday, January 31 – so don’t delay! Register today!

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Still want some more information? Read my post: West Van Run – Run Like a Superhero!


West Van Run motivated me to start blogging, but it was the fact that I had a blog that offered me the opportunity to become a BibRave Pro!

Back in early 2015, I learned about BibRave and applied to become an ambassador. I was fortunate enough to be selected, and joined an awesome group of runners as a BibRave Pro.

There are some major perks – as well as responsibilities – that come along with being a BibRave Pro:

  • Product Reviews – we have the unique opportunity to try out running-related products, some of which are new to the market. We test them, critique them, share information, and review them on our blogs. It’s so great to experience products that enhance the running experience, and be able to share with other runners!
  • Race Reports – BibRave partners with races of all shapes and sizes – big and small, from 5k to marathon. As BibRave Pros, we can be selected to run these races, promote the event, represent the BibRave brand, and share our experiences.
  • Discount Codes – even if we’re not testing a specific product or running a particular race, the BibRave Pros have access to some awesome discounts off prices or registration fees. I’m constantly updating my Discounts page – be sure to check it out for some great deals!

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Visit – this is a site for race reviews, and anyone can provide input and feedback on races they’ve run. It’s a great place to learn about races, share your experiences, and get input when planning your running calendar!

Every year, BibRave scouts out new BibRave Pros. Learn more about the BibRave Pro program here.

Run Laughlin

Around the time I learned about BibRave, I was approached by Mark, the Race Director of the Laughlin/Bullhead Half Marathon. At that point, the race was still in its planning stages, with 2015 to be its inaugural year. We connected, and I happily shared information about the race on my blog and through social media. Race day also happened to coincide with my birthday, so I decided to make a weekend of it and Run Laughlin (my 12th half marathon of 2015!).

It was a great experience! You can read about that inaugural run here.

I’m very pleased to announce that I’m an official Run Laughlin Ambassador for 2017! Due to other commitments, I wasn’t able to run the new course in 2016, but I’m excited to experience this year’s event!!

There will be lots more information forthcoming – so stay tuned. In the meantime, however, here are the essentials:

  • Date: December 2, 2017
  • Location: Laughlin, Nevada
  • Discount: save 15% with discount code ‘BRADLEY15
  • Website:

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I look forward to seeing many of you at West Van Run and Run Laughlin!
Drop me a line or comment below if you want to learn more!



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