Recovery Week


Recovery Week

Hot on the heels of the extremely wet but surprisingly successful First Half Half Marathon on Valentine’s Day, I spent much of last week being pretty inactive. Here are my excuses well thought-out reasons justifying ‘Recovery Week’:

  • The rain – honestly, I just couldn’t take being drenched anymore
  • Work – a very busy week, resulting in quite a bit of working from home after hours
  • Recovery – I pushed pretty hard in this year’s first half marathon, I felt I ‘deserved’ some self-care
  • Sheer laziness

Despite all of the excuses (because, face it, that’s what they are), I still accomplished a wee bit. This is what the week looked like…


OK – generally, I’ve been attending Coach Carey’s running clinic. But it was the day after the half, and it was pouring…and I mean pouring. Emotionally, I just couldn’t handle being soaked to the bone. I stayed home and watched The Biggest Loser.

biggest loser


Although I didn’t think I’d be able to fit it in, Jill and I still went for a quick gym workout. It wasn’t anything significant – some cardio on the bikes, a few kettlebells and body weight exercises. Our mantra is: “Something is better than nothing!”

Our community choir started up again for a new season after 2 weeks off following our concert in January. I think to think of singing as a form of wellness – or spiritual/emotional fitness – even if it’s not physical.


Wednesday was one of those days – where you can’t believe where the day has gone, but feel like nothing got done. Work came home with me, after a visit to my chiropractor (Brenda – who is awesome, by the way – an Ironman competitor and all-round inspiration!)


I was working late on Wednesday and it was raining, and again the thought of running in the rain dissuaded me from getting up early to run with the #RunVan gang.

As part of my BibRave Pro ambassadorship, I got a sample of Luvo frozen foods. They arrived in this gigantic cooler:


…which I had to manhandle with me to physio. NOTE: a review of the food will be forthcoming!

The good news about physio – after some dry needling and electric shocks – is that things are improving. The strengthening exercises I’ve been doing seem to be helping. Staying positive and hopeful!

If you haven’t had dry needling – it basically uses acupuncture needles, but they go deeper into ‘trigger points’ and cause some remarkably painful muscle contractions. This serves to ‘tire out’ the muscle and help it relax. A few minutes of that and I was sweating. So, in reality, I didn’t need a workout at all!


Another busy day, with the added bonus of Pilates after work! The instructor, Christie (you can visit her website here), asked me about my race and I told her it had gone well. She asked what I attributed it to and I answered, truthfully: “Pilates”. It has helped me build my core strength and, I believe, improve my running. That and, I’d like to think, a good attitude!


Heavens be blessed, no rain! Joined the Forerunners gang and ran the shortest of the three distances available: 12 kilometres. Those training for the Vancouver Marathon ran 24 kilometres. And those training for Boston – coming up in April – ran 30 kilometres (Laurel – you’re my hero!). It was also a great chance to catch up with running buddy Emily. We always have a great chat!


Another rain-free day! Slept in a bit, but decided I couldn’t close out the week without at least one more run. Enjoyed the sights of Stanley Park, and did about 8 kilometres.

IMG_2597 IMG_2594 IMG_2595 IMG_2596

And that’s the week that was! In retrospect, not too shabby for a recovery week!

What do you do the week after a tough race? Do you relax or keep going?

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  1. After a tough race, I rest 🙂
    The dry needling sounds tough! If it helps, though, why not!? I do have my limits with rain as well, sometimes it is hard to get motivated to get drenched, especially when you have already run the race 🙂

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