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Way back in the way back, Nikki over at Slow is the New Fast mentioned something about this nifty little item called a Handana. It peaked my interest at the time, but then kind of fell off my radar.

As my blog has grown in the past several months and I’ve started doing the occasional product review and the odd giveaway, I thought I’d seek out some products worth sharing. By this time, I had forgotten the actual name of the product, and did a bunch of Google searching using terms like: sweat, wipe, bandana, hand, running – and while I got some interesting results, I also rediscovered the Handana!


I reached out to Katie via myhandana.com, and she generously provided me with a free sample in exchange for an unbiased review. Even better, she offered an extra one for me to give away to one lucky winner!

So what exactly is a Handana?

I’m glad you asked! The Handana is a single piece of fabric that has been pre-stitched to fit over your hand – no wrapping, velcro, or fussiness required. It’s the perfect accompaniment to sports that make you sweat, but where you don’t want to big bogged down by a bunch of gear – cycling, yoga and, yes, running.

While I’m not a super-sweaty runner, I definitely get a sweaty forehead, and get that stinging sensation when the sweat drips in my eyes. Inevitably, I end up struggling with the bottom of my shirt, which is awkward…especially if there’s a bib on it! I’ve tried wiping my face with my arm, but it’s often a bit sweaty, too, or has sunscreen on it. This makes the problem worse.

Enter the Handana! Fitted discreetly over my right hand, I can use it to wipe off the sweat (and, should circumstances require, snot) – quick and easy! The fabric – SupplexTM LycraTM according to the website – is super absorbent and, thankfully, machine washable.

My Thoughts on the Handana

I measured my hand according to website instructions, and ordered a small (yep, little hands). The first time I wore the Handana, it felt a little bit snug and I had the sensation of my fingers tingling. I’m pretty sure it was my imagination, since I was hyper-aware of having a new piece of gear. But when the first dribble of sweat hit my eyes during a hill training session, I was delighted to have it on!


In retrospect, I think I should have ordered the next size up. I’ve also seen photos of people wearing a Handana over a glove – great idea! But you’d definitely need more space than my current Handana allows. I take full responsibility for this, however.

I wore my Handana again on Saturday during a long-ish tempo run that produced not only sweat but a runny nose. After ensuring there was no one in my immediate vicinity, I…took care of it…and the Handana was there to clean up the mess. Yikes! Again, thank goodness for machine washability!

One funny thing about wearing a Handana is that people assume you’ve injured yourself. I’ve been asked what happened, and if I have carpal tunnel. Of course, this just gives me the opportunity to promote the brand!

Without a doubt, a Handana is a perfect addition to any runner’s wardrobe! It comes in up to almost a dozen colours (depending on the size), so you can choose the best match to your gear.

A Story Worth Reading

Katie, who created the Handana, is a Stevens Johnson Syndrom (SJS) survivor. SJS is caused by a severe adverse reaction to medicine, and results in damage to the skin and mucous membranes. Because of this, Katie’s eyes were hyper-sensitive to sweat…and the Handana was her brainchild! You can read more of Katie’s story here.


Now is your chance to have a Handana of your own! The one I have is grey with black trim (exactly like the one pictured below), and is a size medium (which fits a hand width of about 3.5 inches – see FAQs for details on how to measure). Medium is the most popular size – but might be a bit tight if you have big hands!


Although I’m here in Canada, I’m willing to ship the Handana to the US as well. I just can’t guarantee how long it might take!

Enter via the Rafflecopter below. You have until 11:59pm on September 2, 2015 to enter!

Handana – Rafflecopter giveaway

How would a Handana help your workout?


  1. Shamnon

    I am a runner training for a half this October. The heat I have been running in leaves me with sweat in my face every run. I could really use this product to help with that sweat stayi g out of eyes and off my face!!! Thanks for the opportunity!! 🙂

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