April Ambitions – No Joke!


My last post focused on stuff I got done in March. This time, I’ll talk a bit about what I want to do in April.


I’m spending a long weekend in Ontario to attend my cousin’s wedding. It will be amazing to reconnect with family, many of whom of haven’t seen in over three years. Having time with my dad is another bonus. Events like these can be a cause for over-indulgence, so I’ll do my best to keep myself in check – mostly!

Next week, I’m going to see the Book of Mormon. I’ve heard great things about this show – I’m very excited to see it!


After my Bodycomp scan results, I’m trying very hard to improve my diet. Today my coworker did a fantastic presentation on green smoothies – Nutrition Talks by Candace. She really took the mystery out of a healthy smoothie, and gave us a simple mix-and-match recipe guide (the Green Smoothie Formula!) to create our own!

According to Candace, it takes three weeks to start a habit – so my goal for April is to nail down my ideal healthy drink, and make it a daily (or almost daily) part of my routine.


You can visit Candace’s website at YUR Health.


After three races in March, it’s kind of weird to have ‘just’ one race in April.

I had toyed with the idea of running the April Fool’s Half Marathon on the glorious Sunshine Coast. It’s a point-to-point race, quite hilly and I’ve heard it’s a rather challenging course. Unfortunately, the race happens to coincide with my visit to Ontario, so I’ll have to take a raincheque.

I hope to get in at least one TravelRun while I’m away – but it won’t be the most scenic time of year! Stay tuned for my report, whatever that may look like!

My only race this month is the Vancouver Sun Run. As some of you know, the 2009 Sun Run was my first race ever. I completed the 10k route with a time of 1:17:23. With close to 50,000 people participating, it’s the largest 10k event in Canada. Last year, I didn’t join in because it was held just one week before my first marathon – but I did commission a guest blog post. This year, I’m joining our company team. My lofty goal is to be one of the top ten runners on our team, but I’m up against some stiff competition.

What are your plans for April? Have you set any goals? Any races to run? Travel? 

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  1. My only plan is to add a new pint glass to my collection by finishing the Whiskey Offroad Mountain bike race. I’ve got one from last year (the husband has at least 3) and hopefully I’ll even improve on my time. It’s a tough course so I’ll have my work cut out for me.

  2. You have a lot going on and it all sounds fun!

    I have the Paris marathon on the 12th. From there I am headed over to Ireland for a couple of weeks. I don’t have an organized race planned there but I hope to get in some hiking and maybe kayaking. April is going to be great!

    • I cannot wait to hear about Paris! One of the ladies in my running group will be there as well. SO excited for you! Ireland, too! Have you been before? Sounds like a wonderful April for you!!

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