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Weekly Wrap Dissatisfaction

Participating in the Weekly Wrap with Holly from HoHo Runs and Tricia at MissSippiPiddlin, I generally like to keep things positive and upbeat (because they both are!). This week, though, has trended a bit downward – resulting in today’s theme of dissatisfaction. This is NOT one of my Themes for 2016 – quite the contrary, in fact – but in the interests of transparency (which is one of my themes), bear with me as I walk through my week. NOTE: I realize my complaints are very much first world, and that things could certainly be worse.  Heck – the boat in my title photo could be mine!


I woke up feeling worse than I had on the weekend. No doubt the sopping wet Steveston 8k the day before didn’t help. My exercise for the day consisted of walking 20 minutes to the office, picking up my computer, and plodding home again. Went through nearly an entire box of tissue, alternating between work and naps. Of course, I didn’t end up attending Coach Carey’s speed clinic, either.


Back at work, still feeling a bit under the weather, I managed to make it through a hectic day.

Have I mentioned I’m in a choir? We’re a local community choir called Simple Gifts – and I’ve been singing with them for a few years. Each season, we perform at two seniors’ homes – and tonight was our first sing-out. There were far more of us in the choir than in the audience, since 30-40 of the residents were sick! Struggled through, and was pretty worn out afterward.


One and only visit to the gym this week. Jill and I did a bit of cardio, and a quick set of body weight exercises. Our philosophy of “something is better than nothing” came into play. Would eventually like to move beyond that and give more, but it wasn’t happening today.

Reported to the chiropractor after work, who said things had improved – a single ray of hope!


Knowing that it might be my only run of the week, I forced myself out of bed (just) in time to join the #RunVan crew for 8k along the Seawall. Flashbacks of Steveston, since it was pouring throughout – thankfully without the wind!

Weekly Wrap #RunVan Weekly Wrap Selfie

Felt invigorated for most of the day, including the four hours of (work-related, not athletic) training that occupied me for the morning. Finally had a restful evening.


Having promised a colleague weeks ago to attend a networking event, I was suited up and on site by 7:15am – followed by 2 hours of (productive but exhausting) standing and chatting and smiling and representing my employer to the best of my ability. The rest of the day was solidly busy.

Sadly, I had to decline my friend’s invite to Pilates, since our final dress rehearsal for choir started at 7pm – and another 2 hours of standing and singing. Utterly wrecked by the time we got home.


Despite texts from two of my dearest running buddies the night before, I didn’t have it in me to get up and participate in the long run with Forerunners. Truly unfortunate, since the weather was flawless – clear, dry and cool. I slept late, woke up feeling morose and dejected, and ended up going back to bed and sleeping for a few more hours. Clearly, my body was trying to tell me something. My mood improved, especially after squeezing in another brief nap in the afternoon.

Naps are good.

My only nod to exercise was a walk to the shop to buy some treats to share at Sunday’s concert.

Weekly Wrap

Tim Tam – one of Australia’s best exports!


I actually dreamed about running – getting out and joining one of my groups for a 16k. Although it was truly just a dream – I forced myself to commit to at least 5k or 30 minutes, whichever came first. In the end, they pretty much coincided.

Weekly Wrap

The afternoon was spent doing some last-minute rehearsing before our concert performance. The show itself went reasonably well – only ‘crashed and burned’ on one song, which we stopped and started again. Overall, though, pretty pleased.

Weekly Wrap Choir

Thanks to Susan for the photo!

Now, I’m home again in my pyjamas, glad that this week has finally come to an end. And believing that next week can only be better!

How do you manage THOSE weeks – the ones that just don’t go right?


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Weekend Update

Happy Monday!

I spent some time this week looking into linkups, after collaborating with Erica Finds and her weekly Wednesday Giveaway, where I was promoting my Ambleside Mile race entry giveaway (you can enter to win until midnight on May 12!).

Today, I’m excited to participate in the Weekend Update linkup with Tara at Running ‘n’ Reading. Click on the link to see what everyone else has been up to – and join in!

Running 'N' Reading

Week in Review

Last week should have been spent on recovery from the BMO Half Marathon, which was such a personal success. I took a couple of days – Monday in particular, since I celebrated the race results with a wee bit too much wine (wine has ‘win’ in it, right?).

Then the week went like this:


Took advantage of the weather, and went for a 7km run at lunch. Headed out along the Seawall, detoured briefly through the trails of Stanley Park, looped around the pool at Second Beach, and back via Lost Lagoon. It was a perfect day for a run.



I had actually brought my gear to work on Monday, but in my condition I ended up doing nothing. On Thursday, however, I committed to my coworker Jill that we’d hit the gym.

Our workout included:

  • Kettlebell swings
  • Goblet squats
  • Kettlebell snatches
  • Weighted lunges
  • Stork rows (i.e. standing on one leg, leaning forward, and doing rows)
  • Deadlifts (using a bar with no weights…we’re still noobs)
  • Stretching

Quick but effective. Because…


Oh SO. MUCH. PAIN. Aching everywhere…but particularly back muscles. Boy did I do a number on them. When I arrived at the office first thing Friday morning, I ran into Jill and we both grimaced and practically in union said how much we hurt!

Despite this, I had promised Lana that we’d do a run. I took her on the same route I had done on Wednesday.

After work, I made a beeline for the YMCA, to my regular Pilates class with Christie (check out her blog).

And then it was the weekend (the real focus of this post…)!


Got up bright and early, and headed to Forerunners. Our numbers had dwindled drastically, since most people were either in recovery from the BMO, or we in Oregon for the Eugene Marathon! But there was a good core group, and we headed out for our Burrard Bridge/Cambie Bridge loop. In the end, 16km by the time I got home.


Followed by a phenomenal brunch (rosemary potatoes, and there’s veggie bacon on that croissant!):


Thankfully, I had a massage booked – because boy did I need it! When I told the RMT that I ‘overdid’ it on the kettlebells, he said, “Yes, you did.”

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it in my blog before, but I belong to a community choir called Simple Gifts. We have our spring concert on June 7, which isn’t that far away! Per usual, the bass section got together at Frank’s place, and went through every song, ironing out the odd rough spot, gabbing and chatting, and wrapping up with bread & cheese and some amazing banana bread!

We wrapped up a beautiful day with a lovely bottle of BC Chardonnay!


This is the third Mother’s Day without my mom. They come in quick succession – her birthday in March, the anniversary of her passing in April, Mother’s Day in May. None of them are easy. But I reflect on who she was, think of the moms who are, those who want to be…and move on with the day.

Off to our regular Sunday morning Flow Yoga class with Rika. It actually felt really good, but it was hard work with a lot of balance poses. It wasn’t hot yoga, but I was sweating anyway!

Spent the afternoon cleaning the closest, switching over from winter to summer clothes. Sadly, the moths were working hard this year, and a lot of my sweaters now have holes in them. I need to figure out a solution to combat this. Then I took a nap.

Quiet evening at home, putting finishing touches on the blog. Oh, and I signed up for another race – the Longest Day Road Race 10K in June.

And in two weeks, I’ll be running the Ottawa Half Marathon – and I cannot wait!

How was your weekend? Share your news!

How do you keep moths from eating your wool sweaters?

My last post focused on stuff I got done in March. This time, I’ll talk a bit about what I want to do in April.


I’m spending a long weekend in Ontario to attend my cousin’s wedding. It will be amazing to reconnect with family, many of whom of haven’t seen in over three years. Having time with my dad is another bonus. Events like these can be a cause for over-indulgence, so I’ll do my best to keep myself in check – mostly!

Next week, I’m going to see the Book of Mormon. I’ve heard great things about this show – I’m very excited to see it!


After my Bodycomp scan results, I’m trying very hard to improve my diet. Today my coworker did a fantastic presentation on green smoothies – Nutrition Talks by Candace. She really took the mystery out of a healthy smoothie, and gave us a simple mix-and-match recipe guide (the Green Smoothie Formula!) to create our own!

According to Candace, it takes three weeks to start a habit – so my goal for April is to nail down my ideal healthy drink, and make it a daily (or almost daily) part of my routine.


You can visit Candace’s website at YUR Health.


After three races in March, it’s kind of weird to have ‘just’ one race in April.

I had toyed with the idea of running the April Fool’s Half Marathon on the glorious Sunshine Coast. It’s a point-to-point race, quite hilly and I’ve heard it’s a rather challenging course. Unfortunately, the race happens to coincide with my visit to Ontario, so I’ll have to take a raincheque.

I hope to get in at least one TravelRun while I’m away – but it won’t be the most scenic time of year! Stay tuned for my report, whatever that may look like!

My only race this month is the Vancouver Sun Run. As some of you know, the 2009 Sun Run was my first race ever. I completed the 10k route with a time of 1:17:23. With close to 50,000 people participating, it’s the largest 10k event in Canada. Last year, I didn’t join in because it was held just one week before my first marathon – but I did commission a guest blog post. This year, I’m joining our company team. My lofty goal is to be one of the top ten runners on our team, but I’m up against some stiff competition.

What are your plans for April? Have you set any goals? Any races to run? Travel? 

Share in the Comments below!