Labour Day – My Running New Year

Posted: September 1, 2014 in My Story, Training
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I was always a bit anxious at the end of summer. Back to school was a big deal: new teachers, new classmates, a new grade with harder work…

This year, I’m looking at Labour Day as a kind of New Year – resolutions and all. OK, not resolutions actually, since they are inevitably made to be broken. Goals, then. I’ve got a brand new notebook sitting on my desk, crisp and clean, ready for fresh start on September 2. I feel a bit like a kid (although none of the BC kids will be at school tomorrow due to a prolonged teachers’ strike) – nervous and excited about what the new year will bring. In fact, I’m also starting a new class at BCIT, my first formal education in nearly 5 years.

Part and parcel, of course, is a renewed commitment to running. I know I’m not alone when it comes to Fall Fitness – the yoga and Pilates classes will be packed, the gym will be busy again (though not to the same degree as in January, I would expect). After a summer of recovery and limited running, and of indulging more than normal because “I’ve got to enjoy a drink on the patio while the weather is good”,  it’s time to get back on track. That includes Forerunners.

On Saturday, after a fairly late start, I headed toward Stanley Park on a solo run. Near English Bay, one of the speedy folks from Forerunners passed me going the opposite direction, and I immediately felt a pang of regret that I hadn’t seen the gang since May. Then I arrived at the entrance to the park, and saw a familiar site:  Coach Carey’s usual water stop, and a bunch of familiar faces. And at that moment, I knew September would be a fresh start! I’ll be back at Forerunners on Saturday!

Labour Day anecdote: this morning, I did another Stanley Park trail run, after skirting the east side of Lost Lagoon. And I got photo evidence of something I noticed during my last run:


Same trail, Bridle at the bottom, Bridal at the top (of a very steep hill!) Am I riding a horse or getting married? I’ve tweeted the Vancouver Parks Board to find out more (because this is important stuff!)

So I wish everyone a happy Labour Day – and all the best of what the ‘new year’ will bring!

  1. egercke says:

    Woohoo! I’m in and out due to traveling for work…but any Saturday I’m in town, I’ll certainly be at Forerunners! I’m looking at a December marathon too (haven’t signed up yet) so I’ll be on a similar schedule to you, I imagine. Everyone else is running Victoria, it seems. See you there!!