Guest Post: Big Easter Run

Posted: April 28, 2019 in My Story
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Big Easter Run

I’m happy share this review of the Big Easter Run by my friend, Susan! Susan has just returned from an epic journey around the world – you can read all about it on her blog, Susan Reboot.

After the craziness of the past few months of selling my home, travelling for 4 months, mom passing and trying to re-establish a life again in Vancouver, I have not run in about a year. Realized how much I missed it. Missed connecting with myself, the nature around me and pushing through mental and physical boundaries that I once thought were unreachable.

I started a 0-to-5k training plan a couple of weeks ago, realizing it was the best place to start. Begin from 0 to build up to where I once was…..running 10k’s and training for the rare half marathon. (Edit: Susan ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll Vancouver Half Marathon with me back in 2015) I was eager to get back into the running community and train my body to push it past its current limits. I had already signed up for the Shoppers Drug Mart 5k when a good friend reached out. She had started running and wanted me to run her first 5k with her!! What an honour!

Big Easter Run

She had signed up for the Big Easter Fun Run put on by Running Tours Inc at Jericho Beach on Saturday, April 20. This being a ‘fun’ run means there is no chip time and the atmosphere is generally easier with people dressing up and lots of families, kids, walkers and strollers. No one is trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon here. And there’s BUNNIES!!!


Sign up was easy online; I was directed to Eventbrite, which is common for event purchases. Only hiccup was the email notification about bib pick up was not sent to me. Unsure if this is because I registered with Eventbrite or not, as my friend was sent the notification. Wanting to ensure my registration was received, I reached out to the event organizers and I was confirmed. They apologized for the glitch, and off I went to pick up my bunny ears and bib at Kintec!

Big Easter Run

Bib pickup was easy. This was going to be a ‘fun’ run as the bibs did not have our names on them instead we had computer generated bunny names!! I was Aurora Rhinestone and my friend was Kindheart Eggpants!

Big Easter Run

Race Day

When Saturday came we were graced with great weather! The sky was clear, not too warm with a nice breeze. Perfect for running! We also had a great view of the North Shore mountains, downtown, Stanley Park, the ocean and the beach. The scenery is always tranquil and makes me feel fortunate to live here.

Vancouver skyline
North Shore Mountains

The event itself was pretty small, maybe about 250 people. A small jazz band played some upbeat music, kids were getting their faces painted, you could purchase a bunny tail and bow tie for $5, and they even had the EASTER BUNNY there!!! Yes, the Easter Bunny took some time off from prepping for Sunday’s events and helped out at the run.

Big Easter Run
Big Easter Run

You could sign up for a 10k, 5k, 1 to 3k. The 5k course was a loop around the lagoon and then a loop around Jericho Beach park. This was the perfect location for an Easter run as Jericho is known for its abundance of bunnies on the grounds. I stuck to my training and did a walk/run combination for our 5k. The only downfall was the breeze would knock down our bunny ears! We had to carry them for most of the run. Everyone was in a great mood, festive and lots of friends and families were running (or walking) together.

Jericho Beach
Big Easter Run
Big Easter Run

Greeting us at the finish line were the friendly and ecstatic volunteers giving us our chocolate egg medals.

Big Easter Run

Aside from the minor glitch of not being sent the bib notification email, the event itself was fun, light-hearted, festive and very family friendly. A great walk or run in a stunningly beautiful location with lots of options for all activity levels.

Big Easter Run

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