Vancouver Pride Run 2018


vancouver pride run

Back in the summer of 2010, the year of the Olympics in Vancouver, I ran my first Pride Run. I was still very early on in my running career, having completed just 8 races since my very first Sun Run in 2009. There were two options: 5k and 10k. I decided to push my limits and run 10k. It was a relatively small race – probably less than 100 people. And I came dead last.

After an 8-year Pride Run hiatus, I decided to give it another try…

This summer has been pretty eventful – major changes in personal and professional life, and big shifts in priorities. I hadn’t originally decided to participate in the Vancouver Pride Run, hosted by Vancouver Frontrunners. Mike asked if I’d like to run as a pacer for the 10k – until the organizers concluded that pacers weren’t required. In the end, I elected to run the 5k…considering it was the very next day after the Summerfast 10K!


As my regular readers and running buddies know, I’m not much for costumes. But Debra – as we all know – truly is. She picked me up and insisted that I don a bit of colour, even if it was just for a photo. I complied.

vancouver pride run

Then off to Ceperley Meadow near Second Beach, the same spot we’d gathered for the previous day’s race. The crowds were a bit smaller, but the entire event was far more colourful, with rainbow balloons decorating the area, and folks decked out in sequins and glitter and body paint.

 vancouver pride run vancouver pride run

Packet pickup for the Vancouver Pride Run was the day before at Forerunners on Main Street – thanks to Forerunners for being an event sponsor! But Judy and Seann were there on Sunday morning, and I got my bib right away.

vancouver pride run vancouver pride run

The mascot for the Whitecaps, Vancouver’s local football/soccer team, was there to entertain and support – thanks, Spike, for your awesome energy!

vancouver pride run

There were a couple of welcoming announcements, and an energetic pre-race warmup that included Zumba moves that would make your momma blush. It was a great, spirited start to the race!

vancouver pride run

The Race

Both the 5k and 10k included out-and-back routes along the Seawall. The 10k runners headed out first, followed a few minutes later by the 5k runners. The first kilometre mirrored yesterday’s Summerfast along the east side of Lost Lagoon.

Once on the Seawall by Coal Harbour, it was a bit of deja vu from the day before. There was an aid station just past the 2k mark, and before long we hit the turnaround point. I had seen a handful of folks turn back before me, but I had the sense that I was surprisingly near the front of the pack.

It was hot, and I was thankful I had chosen to run the shorter distance.

The biggest challenge of the race – beside the heat – was the fact that the Seawall was open to the public, so we had to dodge lots of tourists and cruise ship goers out for a leisurely stroll. But this is par for the course when running around Stanley Park!

And in less than 25 minutes, it was all over! The final dash towards the rainbow arch, lots of cheers, and my second ever Pride Run was complete!

vancouver pride run


No medals for the Pride Run, but everyone received this awesome rainbow pin.

vancouver pride run

I grabbed some water and a bag of chips, and returned to the finish line to cheer on the other runners – both 5k’ers and the winning 10k’ers. Big shout out of to Forerunners’ Coach Carey, who finished the 10k in first place in under 40 minutes, coming in three minutes ahead of the second place finisher. Amazing!

vancouver pride run

Debra and I snapped a few more photos, and then headed off to continue our day…

vancouver pride run vancouver pride run vancouver pride run

All in all, the Vancouver Pride Run was a fun event! And although there were no age group medals to be won, I was absolutely chuffed to discover that I had come first in my age category!

Final Results

Chip time: 24:15
Average pace:  4:50 min/km
Overall place: 14/220
Place in age category: 1/22

Click here for complete race results

Quick Race Recap – Vancouver Pride Run 2018

What I liked:
– Festive and inclusive community spirit
– Lots of colour!!
– Beautiful course (of course!)
– Lovely finisher pin
– Post-race snacks – I love my chips!!
– Free race photos

What could be improved:
– I think the event could be better promoted – I know a lot of folks in the Vancouver running community, but didn’t see many people I knew at this event

On the whole, however, I thought everything went well and it was a lot of fun!

Would I run it again?
I’m not a hot weather runner so I struggle a bit with these midsummer races. However, I enjoy the Pride spirit, so I’d definitely give it another go!

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