Hot Chocolate Seattle – 5 Reasons I Can’t Wait to Run!


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We’ve had a balmy summer here in Vancouver, and the past week has been no exception. So why am I thinking about hot chocolate? Well, although the race is still 6 months away, I’m pretty excited to be running my first ever RAM Hot Chocolate series race: the Hot Chocolate Seattle 15k!

What has me anticipating this race so far in advance? Let me tell you 5 reasons I can’t wait to run Hot Chocolate Seattle!

1. The City

Seattle is a great city! Although it’s just a few hours’ drive from Vancouver, we don’t get down there enough. However, last year some good friends of ours relocated from San Francisco, so we have even more reason to visit! Back in June, I had the chance to run Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon – and even had my own little cheer squad! Here’s hoping that the weather in March won’t keep them indoors!

If you’re already in Seattle, you know what a vibrant place it is. But if you need a reason to visit – either for the first time or as a regular – then Hot Chocolate Seattle is the sweetest excuse!

2. The Distance

I’ve run oodles of half marathons, and a whole bunch of 5k and 10k races. The 15k distance is not one that runners see very often. In fact, in my 8 years of running, I’ve only raced this distance once – at the VanRace 15k in 2015!

If you’re aspiring to run a half marathon, but haven’t quite worked your way up to that distance, the Hot Chocolate Seattle 15k could be just what you’re looking for. It’s a great ‘in between’ distance that provides a bit more challenge than a 10k, but isn’t quite as daunting as a half. Plus, you’re guaranteed to get a PB / PR!

For a course map, click here. Oh, and it’s a USATF-certified course, too!

3. The Shirt

Every 5k and 15k participant gets a long-sleeved pullover with their registration. The Hot Chocolate Seattle shirts are beautiful – technical fabric, three-quarter zip, striking colours, thumb-holes – even a zippered chest pocket! Just the thing to keep you warm and toasty in the dreary Seattle winter!

hot chocolate seattle

4. The Bling

I have always admired the medals of the Hot Chocolate series, and the bling for Hot Chocolate Seattle is no exception. There’s a fancy new design for the 2017-2018 series, plus an extra bonus…every city has its own unique keychain! Whether you’re a Seattle native or visiting from out of town, the Space Needle keychain will be a great reminder of this awesome race!

hot chocolate seattle

5. The Hot Chocolate

Ummm…OK. I admit that in the grand scheme of things, I’m more of a savoury guy. I love me my potato chips. HOWEVER, on a chilly winter day, there’s nothing better than a warm mug of hot chocolate. It comforts you more than any bag of sour cream ‘n’ onion chips ever could.

What about the selection at Hot Chocolate Seattle? Well, here’s a preview:

First of all, it’s all about dark chocolate (yum!) – and it’s both gluten- and nut-free!

Then, there are the sweets stations on course – these include:  M&M station, strawberry marshmallow station, chocolate chip station, and chocolate marshmallow station.

For hydration – because even when it’s cold (and possibly rainy), you need to stay hydrated – my favourite brand nuun will be at the aid stations! I know, nuun isn’t chocolate, but still worth mentioning!

Let this photo inspire you:

hot chocolate seattle

Race Details & Promo Code!

Have I whetted your appetite for Hot Chocolate Seattle? Here are some of the key details, so you can make your plans!

When: Sunday, March 4, 2018 at 6:45am
Price: 15K is $59 thru Sept 17; 5k is $39 thru Sept 17 (price increases again in January and February…so sign up soon!)
Stay connected: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Want all the chocolate? Register here

PROMO CODE! You’ll get bonus Hot Chocolate swag using the code BRHCSEA18 at registration. Codes for other Hot Chocolate series races can be found here.

Have you ever run a Hot Chocolate race before?
Share your experience with us!

hot chocolate seattle

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