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rock n roll montreal

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To date, I’ve only had the opportunity to run two Rock ‘n’ Roll series races:

  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Vancouver Half Marathon – in both 2014 and 2015 (sadly – the Vancouver RnR has since been cancelled)
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Half Marathon2017

While I’m not entirely motivated by the hype and the bling of big races, I have enjoyed the Rock ‘n’ Roll races immensely. The events are well-organized, the participants and volunteers are enthusiastic, and the medals are arguably the best out there!


With the cancellation of Vancouver race, Rock ‘n’ Roll Montreal is now the only RnR event in Canada. Second only to Vancouver – which is arguably the most beautiful city in the country (but perhaps I’m biased…) – Montreal holds a place in my heart as the most vibrant, culturally exciting place in Canada!

An undisclosed number of years ago, before my last year of university, I spent a summer in Montreal completing an internship at the Musee d’art contemporain de Montreal. It was a fun time, I met a lot of great people, I got to practice my French, and I lived in a fantastic city. But back in those days, I wasn’t a runner. Now I have the chance to explore Montreal from an entirely different perspective!

The Race

I’ve reviewed the race route, and I’m keen to see the sights. Starting on a bridge (how unique!), the course weaves around two islands in the St. Lawrence River – and then through Montreal’s Old Port (Vieux-Port de Montreal). The sights there include the fabulous Notre-Dame Basilica. Here’s a photo I have from our last visit:

rock n roll montreal

We will explore a few neighbourhoods east of the downtown core, and finally end up at Parc La Fontaine for the post-race celebration!

Keep in mind – I’ve described the half marathon route here (because that’s what I’m doing)…but there’s also a full marathon, plus a 10k and a 5k!


Rock ‘n’ Roll is known for its bling, and the medals for this year look amazing! I can’t wait to see them in real life!

rock n roll montreal

The Rock ‘n’ Roll series also allows you to gather additional medals, depending on how many races you do, and where you race. Running the Rock ‘n’ Roll Montreal Half Marathon, I’ll get two additional medals:

Double Beat medal – for completing two Rock ‘n’ Roll races in the season

World Rocker medal – by running half marathons in two countries (Canada and the US)

I won’t reveal these for now…you’ll have to wait for the race report!

Race Details

When: Saturday and Sunday, September 23-24, 2017
Price: Ranging from $65 (5k) to $130 (marathon)
Stay connected: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Register here

DISCOUNT! You can save $15 off the half or full marathon using code: BIBRAVE15! This code can be used to save money on all Rock ‘n’ Roll series races!

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