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When I got home today from a long, rainy run – I realized that the only part of me that wasn’t completely drenched was my underwear. And that, my friends, is just one reason why Aerodaks is a new favourite piece of running gear!

But, you may be wondering, What is Aerodaks? I’m glad you asked!

Aerodaks is a running brief made especially for the guys. I know many of my readers are female – so if you’ve got any male runners in your life, this may just be the product they’re looking for! Gift-giving season will soon be upon us!

I was a bit skeptical when the Aerodaks first arrived…although that may be in part because they were delivered to the office while I was out of town. When I asked my coworker to open the package and take some photos for me, this was the result!


But, in all seriousness, I was a bit uncertain because these are briefs. They remind me of the infamous Speedo, and I’m very much a boxer briefs sort of guy. Nevertheless, I was soon persuaded to the awesomeness of this product because they’ve got a few things going for them!

Comfort & Fit

There are no side seams, so they don’t chafe. And they really fit just right, keeping everything in place. Which is what they should be doing, especially when you’re running! You don’t want things jiggling about.



They’re mesh, so they let the air through, which adds to the feeling of comfort. You don’t want to be wearing them solo, since they are fairly see-through. However, there’s a double layer around the sensitive spots, which helps with the comfort and support piece.

Rather meshy

Moisture Wicking

Back to my story…the unique material (which, according to the website, is an Italian micro mesh fabric) does a great job of wicking away moisture. Since we’re in the midst of rain-pocalypse (aka autumn) here in Vancouver, wet runs are par for the course. As such, anything that draws moisture away from the body is a bonus! Eventually, I’d love to try these babies in warm, dry weather to see how they handle sweat!

A few other things that make Aerodaks a great product:

  • They have a drawstring waist, so you’ve got some control over the tightness of the fit


  • They’re great for wearing under running tights; no bunching at all!

Aerodaks Aerodaks

  • Free delivery! These bad boys come all the way from Australia, so no shipping costs is huge!

Since I haven’t had any races since receiving my Aerodaks, I’ve only worn them on training runs. I’ve found them to be consistently comfortable – such that I forget I’m even wearing them. And, really, isn’t that the point? If you’re chafing, or bouncing, or constantly readjusting…that’s not good underwear. Aerodaks IS good underwear. Highly recommended!


To learn more about Aerodaks products, visit their website. And don’t forget to join @BibRave and the BibRavePros at our next #Bibchat on Twitter on November 29 at 6pm Pacific time – and your chance to win a free pair of Aerodaks!

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