Run to the Hills



Computer problems persist. Thankfully, that does not stop me from running! Or, for that matter, getting my thoughts down on paper my tiny iPhone screen.

My running buddy Lana bailed on me today (claiming ‘tired legs’ from our authentic Fartlek workout on Tuesday). I debated going to the gym instead, but since the rain held off today, I thought I’d go ahead and run on my own.

Because my route is pretty coastal, there aren’t so many hills near the office. Consequently, my destination was Stanley Park – which is still 2km from work. Then I had to run into the trails until I reached the hilly spot I was looking for:


It doesn’t look like much, but once you get going, even the little hills can kick your butt. I decided to take 5 runs at the hill, cuz I haven’t done any decent hill training since…um…OK, I don’t remember.

I was feeling it after the 4th iteration on the hills:


But to prove it I set up the timer and took a running selfie for the fifth and final repeat (on a slant from being propped on a log):


Then I still had 2.5km to get back to the office! Ending up reaching over 7km at lunchtime!


How often do you do hill training?
Are there hills nearby or do you have to seek them out?


  1. I don’t do a lot of dedicated hill workouts since most of my routes around here are pretty hilly, so I guess it might be considered the same! :–) Good for you for getting in lunchtime runs! Now that the snow has melted and the sidewalks are clear I’m going to start running at lunch a lot more too.

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