#LunchRun in Stanley Park


Today was just one of those days I gotta write about! Spoiler alert: it’s about a run in Stanley Park!

I brought my running gear to work today, like I do most days. Given the sometimes unpredictable nature of my job, I can’t always squeeze in a workout – whether it’s a mini boot camp at the gym or a sprint on the seawall. But hope springs eternal!

Today was one of those Wednesdays that has 2 back-to-back meetings – the kind that wipe out your entire morning. But, lo and behold, there had been a scheduling error! Our double meeting is actually next week, not this week!

With this unexpected gift of ‘free’ time bestowed upon us, I decided to take advantage. Rather than wait for lunchtime, when the seawall is crawling with office workers, I would run now!

Sun! Glorious sun! Anyone who was in Vancouver will agree – this is the kind of day that justifies every rainy day for the past 5 months!

I ran the seawall from the Convention Centre heading west, dodging tourists and local folks walking their dogs/kids. Nearing the entrance to Stanley Park, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom – spectacular!

I had already planned today’s route on the off chance I’d be able to get outside. At the traffic circle, I headed under the causeway to the edge of Lost Lagoon, and cut up to the Tatlow Walk trail head.

If you haven’t run the trails of Stanley Park, you’re missing out. I avoided them for the longest time, wary of getting lost, fearful of taking a route that would keep me occupied for hours. But having made several forays into the forests of the park, I feel completely at ease. The trails are well-maintained and, mid-morning on a weekday, blessedly quiet.

I rarely get to use the phrase ‘dappled sunlight’ – but I will now! I ran through the dappled sunlight to the western edge of the park, when Tatlow meets Rawlings (cross the Park Road, and you’re overlooking Third Beach). I stopped there to take a picture.

stanley park

Rawlings Trail hugs the edge of the park, following the curves of the road. It ends near Lost Lagoon, where I ran along the Cathedral Trail boardwalk – eventually connecting Lees Trail and coming full circle back to Tatlow.

Remember the cherry blossoms I mentioned earlier! Here they are:

stanley park

I ended up running just over 8km. And I felt SO good afterward! Invigorated! Inspired! And while it wasn’t actually a #lunchrun, it was close enough – and worth a quick post!

stanley park

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  1. egercke

    Yay, I love unexpected runs like that. Managed to squeeze in my first one today since Saturday…busy week at work. Jealous of all that awesome weather you’re getting!!

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