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Disclaimer: I received a set of BibBoards to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Do you run a lot of races? Have a lot of favourite running shirts that you don’t want ruined? Sick and tired of fiddling with safety pins and stabbing yourself when trying to get your race bib in place? If this sounds like you, then BibBoards are exactly what you’re looking for!

As one of the first products to test in 2018, I couldn’t have been happier to receive a set of BibBoards – and in plenty of time to try them out on a couple of early season races!

What are BibBoards?

BibBoards are the perfect alternative to safety pins, securing your bib to your race shirt without poking holes in the material, causing rips or other damage. It’s hard to describe in writing, but they come in two pieces:

The front…with a little nubby that goes through the corner hole of the bib…


The back…with a hole. Goes on the inside of your shirt. The nubby on the front part snaps through the material and into the back part, but doesn’t damage your shirt at all!


How well do they work?

I had the chance to use my BibBoards in two races. Let’s see how they performed!

Icebreaker 8K

I busted out my BibBoards, which had arrived just days earlier in the mail. Normally, I like to have my bib attached to my shirt the night before the race, and take a photo of ‘flat Bradley’ to get in the mood. However, my friend had kindly picked up my race packet ahead of time, and we met up mere minutes before race start.

Despite the rush, my BibBoards snapped into place quickly and securely while I was standing up and still wearing my shirt.


If ever I needed help keeping my bib in place, it was at this race. We headed out along the dyke into 60km/hour winds (read all the gory details here) – and they bib held tight. No flapping, no pulling, no worry that my bib was going to fly away. It survived even the toughest of environmental conditions!


Chilly Chase 10k

A week later, another race! I met up with fellow BibRave Pro, Jeannine, in the warmth of the Community Centre near the Chilly Chase start line. We both snapped our bibs on with our BibBoards, and we were off the race races! I was wearing my BibRave orange, of course, so protecting the material was key because I love this gear!!


No wind this time, just a bit of rain. And again, no issues! One of the things I love about the BibBoards vs. pins is that they don’t shift around. I’ve run races using pins (inconsistent, sometimes big sometimes tiny, occasionally catching on material…), and they allowed the bib to bounce around and make noise. Just annoying. Not so with BibBoards!


Should you get BibBoards?

Yes! Without question! If you ever run races, BibBoards are the tool you need.

In addition, you can get them with different designs. I got the standard BibBoard logo on mine, but there are a variety of choices on their website. Even better, you can order unique designs for your running group, for an event, or for a customized brand – so many options!

And guess what? I have a discount code for you! Just use the code #BibChat for 20% off at checkout!

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