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If you’re like me, you like to stay on top of your race results. I used to record my results in an Excel spreadsheet. Then, at one point, I decided to start a blog! Then, it seemed to make sense to keep track of my race results there. This has served me well, as I track the results every race I run on my Race Results page. However, not everyone has a blog, nor does everyone want to go to the trouble of manually updating your records!

And that’s where Athlinks becomes an indispensable tool for any runner!

Athlinks is a platform that can be accessed both online and via either iOS and Android app. Once you’ve set up your profile, you can claim results for past races and keep them all in one place! It’s always available, easy to use, and just plain handy.

Here’s a screenshot from the iOS app:


Another nifty thing? Visit your profile and instantly see your PB (personal best) results for every distance you’ve run. If you’re into stats, either for inspiration or motivation, Athlinks gives you what you need!

And if competition is your thing, you can keep tabs on your friends and rivals – just find their profiles and follow them!

Also, don’t forget to connect to upcoming events by putting your name on the starting list, and setting your goal time.

Exciting News!

Athlinks and BibRave are partnering up for 2018! You can read all about this fantastic collaboration at Endurance Sportswire.

Now What?

  1. Visit Athlinks and set up an athlete profile!
  2. Claim your race results
  3. Add your name to 2018 races that you’re running
  4. Search for and follow your friends
  5. Don’t forget to follow Athlinks on Instagram and Twitter!

There’s more to come, so stay tuned for all that Athlinks and BibRave will bring to you in 2018!





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