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Have you ever been in a race, and you slow down at the aid station to grab some hydration…and it all goes horribly wrong? The water sloshes all over your hands (maybe soaking your gloves), you try treating it like a shooter and choke on the drink, or it’s a sports drink that ends up making you sticky for the rest of the race. No? Come on…you know it’s happened. It has to me, anyway!

Enter a creative solution to your mid-race hydration challenges – Runsip!

Given the challenges of ‘drinking on the run’ I’ve outlined above, the inventor of Runsip (Colin) wanted to create a way to hydrate at your own pace, and avoid the associated spills. So, let’s give Runsip a spin!


Runsip is made from pliable plastic and the website provides a series of animations, along with instructional videos, that show how it’s meant to work. It arrived in a study storage container, along with an instructional brochure and Runsip sticker.


After receiving the product, I chatted with Colin over the phone, and he recommended taking some time to ‘practice’ with the product to get the hang of it. Along with the Runsip itself, we received a small stack of disposable cups, similar to what you’d get at a race. So I sat in the living room, watching TV, snapping the lid on the cups.

What I like about Runsip

  • It’s lightweight – during my run, I was able to tuck it into my SPIBelt, and I didn’t even notice it was there.
  • It’s easy to use – with a bit of practice, it really works well – just snaps onto the cup!
  • It’s dishwasher safe – a breeze to keep clean


Runsip Challenges

  • It kind of leaks – although results may vary, depending on the cup being used.*
  • It’s harder to use when wearing gloves – though not impossible. Just takes a bit more practice.
  • At my most recent race, the cup was too small! I tried using Runsip but it wasn’t ‘one size fits all’ at all!

Runsip Runsip Rusnip

*NOTE: There will be a product update in November which will improve stability while attaching, and the lid/cup seal. 

Who is the Runsip ‘target audience’?

Runsip is a solution for a problem that many runners have, but that others may not consider an issue. Obviously, if you’re the kind of runner who carries your hydration with you, and doesn’t need to take advantage of aid stations, you may not need Runsip.

However, if you’re like me, and try to avoid carrying too much on the run (the sloshing of water bottles makes me a bit crazy), getting hydration en route is important. And if you’ve ever suffered from the splash / choke combo of trying to take a sip of water while running, Runsip may be just what you’re looking for – and become one of your ‘race day essentials’!


Give it a try! You can see all that Runsip has to offer on their website – Also, save an additional 25% off with code “BibRave“!

You can also follow Runsip on social media:

And I’d really be interested in YOUR feedback…

Would Runsip meet your race hydration needs?



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