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Original BUFF®

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Since receiving my first BUFF® product, I’ve been a huge fan. I’ve done a couple of reviews before:

When I got the opportunity to test the Original BUFF® – and to select my own design – I was thrilled! Honestly, you can’t have too many BUFF® products! I chose the pattern called MOTION because I felt the colour palette would go well with my own!

Original BUFF®

We’ve learned that BUFF® products are extremely versatile, but of course I have my favourite styles and uses, and pretty much stick with them. But since the packaging promotes “more than 12+ ways to wear”, I thought I’d give it a go and try them out!

Original BUFF®

Here are some of the ways to wear the Original BUFF® – and my perspective on them!


Original BUFF® Original BUFF®

I’ve worn the Original BUFF® as a neckerchief many times, especially on those cooler days when it’s a bit breezy and I’m just feeling like a neck needs some wind protection to keep me warm. If it’s chilly AND sunny, the Original BUFF® can also serve as a neck gaitor/sun protection for the back of the neck.


Original BUFF®

While I look slightly dorky in this selfie, the cap (or, for us Canadians, toque) is by far my favourite cool-weather style. Keeps my ears warm, traps the heat from escaping from my bald head…and if it really does get too warm, I can drop back down to the neckerchief style!


Original BUFF®

I had to watch the ‘how-to’ video a few times to figure this one out, but I kind of like it. When the cap is too much – being a double layer – the Sahariane comes in handy. Plus, the extra material protects your neck from the sun. Like when you’re in the Sahara. Desert. Sahariane. Get it?

Do Rag

Original BUFF®

The term ‘do rag’ kind of grosses me out, but I look it up and it comes from a combo of ‘hairdo’ and ‘rag’ (duh) because it was originally intended to protect your hairstyle. Having no hair to style, this look isn’t especially practical for me – though I can see how it would make sense for those with…hair.


Original BUFF®

The Pirate involves pulling the tubular material of the Original BUFF® sort of inside-out to make a knot, so it fits more snugly on the head. If you don’t need extra material covering your neck, this style is quite practical as a head covering.


Original BUFF®

Feeling a bit 80s with a headband, and it kind of accentuates how much baldness there will is up there. Might be good for a workout if I want to keep sweat out of my eyes, but more material than necessary. I would lean towards my Half BUFF® for this purpose.

Face Mask

Original BUFF®

This one makes me feel like a bit of a hoodlum. Since the past winter in Vancouver never got particularly cold, there was no reason for this particular look. However, I can see it serving well as wind protection on those days when your nose hairs start to freeze – or, alternately, if you’re caught in a dust storm. Or want to look stylist holding up a bank. Really very versatile!


Original BUFF®

Indeed, I’m a bit unsure about this style – at least on its own. Probably very handy for more winter-type sports, perhaps under a helmet. I found it a bit tight under my chin, and I feel a bit like a babushka, but it’s not the worst thing ever.


Original BUFF®

This, however, might be the worst thing ever. Not only do I look like a boiled egg with evil eyes, I would likely frighten children and small animals. I can see where this style might come in handy, but I don’t know if it’ll ever be my go-to!

Final Thoughts

The Original BUFF® is one of the most useful items of sports/running gear that I own. I absolutely love the design and colour I got to choose this time around! There are so many ways to wear it – and while not ever style will fits everyone’s needs / style / head shape, I would argue that there’s at least one style to suit everyone! That’s what makes the Original BUFF® a versatile and indispensable part of an active person’s wardrobe.

What is your favourite way to wear your Original BUFF®?

Original BUFF®

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