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LEGEND Compression

Disclaimer: I received a pair of LEGEND Compression Leg Sleeves to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

I don’t know if I’ve ever fully bought into compression gear before. Sure, I’ve tried some compression socks (which I quite like), and my tights arguably do some squeezing (but they’re mainly for keeping me warm) – but I’ve always been a bit on the fence about what compression could do for me.

And then I tried LEGEND Compression Leg Sleeves! (more…)

Disclaimer: I received a Runsip lid to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!


Have you ever been in a race, and you slow down at the aid station to grab some hydration…and it all goes horribly wrong? The water sloshes all over your hands (maybe soaking your gloves), you try treating it like a shooter and choke on the drink, or it’s a sports drink that ends up making you sticky for the rest of the race. No? Come on…you know it’s happened. It has to me, anyway!

Enter a creative solution to your mid-race hydration challenges – Runsip!


Original BUFF®

Disclaimer: I received an Original BUFF® to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Since receiving my first BUFF® product, I’ve been a huge fan. I’ve done a couple of reviews before:

When I got the opportunity to test the Original BUFF® – and to select my own design – I was thrilled! Honestly, you can’t have too many BUFF® products! I chose the pattern called MOTION because I felt the colour palette would go well with my own!

Original BUFF®

We’ve learned that BUFF® products are extremely versatile, but of course I have my favourite styles and uses, and pretty much stick with them. But since the packaging promotes “more than 12+ ways to wear”, I thought I’d give it a go and try them out!

Original BUFF®

Here are some of the ways to wear the Original BUFF® – and my perspective on them!



Disclaimer: I received a UV Half BUFF® to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows that I’m a huge fan of BUFF® products. You can revisit my previous reviews here:

But today I’m talking about the UV Half BUFF® – half the length of the Original BUFF® but no less awesome!


Disclaimer: I received a pair of xx2i Bermuda lifestyle sunglasses to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to test and review the xx2i USA1 Pro Racing Sunglasses, and have worn them anytime I’ve run/raced since I got them. Understandably, I was thrilled to receive my new pair of xx2i Bermuda1 lifestyle sunglasses. Given that these are not meant for running, it seemed like a great complement to the USA1 pair, which don’t necessarily go with street wear.

Spring is not the optimal time of year to test a pair of sunglasses in the Pacific Northwest. My new shades arrived, but we didn’t actually see a hint of sun for weeks afterward. And then, finally, the sun came out!

Like the Pro Racing glasses, these ones came in a sturdy case, along with a cloth bag that also serves as a handy lens cleaner.

xx2i Bermuda Sunglasses

My first reaction to these sunglasses is that they looked really BIG. I tried them on a couple of times at home, and was concerned that they didn’t really fit my face.  The colour and design also made me a bit skeptical – is tortoiseshell really my thing?

First sunny day, and the glasses went on. I felt a bit self-conscious walking down the street, wondering if everyone was staring at the guy with the ginormous Audrey Hepburn-esque Hollywood sunglasses. In retrospect, it seems pretty likely that they weren’t. I asked opinions of multiple people, with reactions varying from lukewarm to positive. But as I got used to the feel of them, the concern about what others might think continued to wane. And then my stylist friend gave me a solid thumbs up, telling me that the sunglasses are absolutely fashionable. I’m sold!

xx2i Bermuda Sunglasses

What I have come to love about these sunglasses is the lenses. They’re kind of a reflective blue on the front, but wearing them is a real treat. You get a slight orange-tinted view of the world – and, while cutting the UV and glare of the sun, it actually makes things brighter and clearer. I’m kind of used to my cheap pair, which basically just darken everything. The xx2i are a vast improvement!

xx2i Bermuda Sunglasses

If I had one complaint, it’s that the arms don’t quite lay flat when folded, making them a tad bulky when not being worn. This is a minor design issue in my opinion, and certainly not a deal-breaker.

The clouds and rain rolled in again, so I’ve still not had much occasion to wear the Bermuda1’s – but with summer just around the corner, these sunglasses are going to be a staple in my wardrobe!

Another awesome thing – all xx2i sunglasses come with a 365-day replacement guarantee! Who could ask for a better deal?

Visit the xx2i website and make a worthwhile investment! You can use the discount code XX2iRocks for 50% off, which is absolutely amazing. The Bermuda1 is so new that it might not yet be available online – but will be very soon!!

Disclaimer: I received a pair of XX2i Sunglasses to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

I am terrible abysmal with sunglasses. I’ve never thought they were worth spending much money on, and I don’t tend to take very good care of them. The sunglasses I’ve bought to date have been both cheap and utilitarian, with no truly redeeming features except durability. The XX2i Sunglasses have given me an entirely new perspective on what sports eyewear should be.

XX2i Sunglasses

The first thing I was impressed with when I received my sunglasses in the mail was all the stuff that came with them:  a ‘tank’ protector case, a microfibre soft carrying bag, sunglass cord, and a couple of extra temple tips and nose pads in alternate colours (plus a little screwdriver for switching them out). The model we received for testing is the XX2i USA1 Pro Racing Sunglasses in White Gloss with Blue Flash lenses.

December in Vancouver is dark, wet, and overcast. In the first couple of weeks after receiving them, I had very little opportunity to test out my XX2i sunglasses. All I had was a bit of trivia:

xx2i tweet

Good to know!

Then, around Christmas, the weather turned cold (for Vancouver) and dry – and the sun came out! I got the chance to wear my XX2i sunglasses multiple times. And they are serving me well!

XX2i Sunglasses

On the seawall!



The arms fit nicely over my ears and though they don’t curl around – they just go straight back – this is not an issue. Because my face sweats a lot, and tends to steam sunglasses, the fact that the nose pads hold them away from my face is fantastic. A bit more breathing room, so to speak.

XX2i Sunglasses

In Stanley Park – sweaty but not steamy!



The fact that I’ve only had them about a month means I can’t comment too much on durability. However, they seem to be pretty solid, but lightweight at the same time. Exactly as sports sunglasses should be. The company obviously believes in their product, too, since they have a 365-day return policy, free shipping and a lifetime bumper to bumper replacement warranty. That’s the kind of guarantee I like!

XX2i Sunglasses

At the track!



These things are phenomenal! No bouncing. No slipping. Honestly, I pretty much forget that I’m wearing them, because they don’t get in the way. Just there to do their job, and keep me from being blinded by the sun. In terms of the lenses, the reflective blue tint on the front does whatever it does to keep the sun out of my eyes, and everything takes on a slightly orange cast. It’s orange in a natural sort of way, not a spray-tan sort of way – plus, I love orange!

XX2i Sunglasses

In case you can’t tell, I love these glasses and heartily endorse them. Seriously, where have they been all of my (running) life? So glad I had the opportunity to test these the XX2i USA1 Pro – I’m a fan!

Go online, and get yourself a pair. The discount code I have is valid through mid-January: use XX2iRocks for 50% off. That’s a GREAT deal!

Do you have a favourite pair of sports sunglasses? What’s the most important feature for you?

Disclaimer: I received a UV Full BUFF® to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

UV Buff

My social media-savvy Dad saw one of my posts about the BUFF® a couple of weeks ago. He couldn’t quite understand what it was all about, so I explained a bit about the product. Then he asked me, “Why is it called that?” I didn’t know the answer. Now I do.

The BUFF® was actually invented in Spain. The name BUFF® comes from the Spanish bufanda, which means bandana – logical enough!

Before receiving the UV BUFF® via BibRave, I was lucky enough to get an event BUFF® as swag from the Overlander Sports Half Marathon (click for race report) in Yellowknife. So I had a chance to try it out before ‘offically’ trying it on for review!

UV Buff

What the heck IS a BUFF®?

In case you aren’t already familiar with the BUFF®, it’s basically a stretchy tube of material that can be worn in a variety of ways for different sporting activities. A few of the styles – like the balaclava – are more appropriate for folks using it for skiing or similar ‘helmet’ sports. Not quite my speed of things! Other styles are great for people with hair – again, not something that works for me.

The product is seamless, which amazes me – apparently using some tubular sewing technology. The UV BUFF® we got to test also blocks 95% of harmful UV rays. It’s moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and made of Coolmax Extreme fibre. It’s soft and breathable.

If you visit the Buff USA website (or the websites of BUFF® in other countries), you will find an dizzying array of colours, designs and products. Seriously, the selection is ridiculously amazing! And, like my event BUFF® mentioned above, custom styles are available.

My BUFF® Experience

Due to challenges with international shipping, a lot of other BibRavePro’s were getting their BUFF® products and showing them off online. But some very helpful folks tracked down my package, and I was pleased to see my new UV BUFF® in this amazing colour:

UV Buff

Upon receipt, I did my due diligence, and researched all the different ways to wear the UV BUFF®. I found it a bit overwhelming at first, but I figured once I got the hang of things, I’d learn my favourites and become an expert. There’s a catchy ‘music-video’-type how-to video on the BUFF® website, with both male and female models demonstrating. However, I find that having an explanation makes more sense for me, so here’s the video that helped me the most:

I took my UV BUFF® out for its first trial run in Stanley Park at lunchtime. I went with the Pirate configuration. It looks a bit sloppy, but it was great on a humid, overcast day for wicking sweat and keeping it from running into my eyes.

UV Buff UV Buff

During a run around the Stanley Park Seawall, I decided to try the UV BUFF® under a hat. This time I use the Sahariane style, so I had the material hanging down and keeping the sun off my neck. The look is a bit too ‘layered’ for my taste, but it was effective.

UV Buff UV Buff

These next two photos were from the same race – the Van Race 15K. I wore the UV BUFF® as a neck gator during the race. It wasn’t a cold day, but I liked the feeling of it – honestly, once I was on the run, I barely noticed it. After the race, I changed into a clean shirt, ditched my sopping wet hat, and pulled the dry BUFF® over my head to keep off the sun. Perfect!

UV Buff UV Buff

And in the last week or so, the weather has cooled off. I have started wearing the BUFF® as a toque/cap – the first photo was during another lunch run, and the latter after finishing a very rainy Eastside 10K – again, stripping off my soggy racing gear and putting the BUFF® on as a warm recovery cap.

UV Buff UV Buff

BUFF® is honestly my new favourite brand! I have been looking for excuses to wear it on runs even when I don’t really need it (i.e. a cap would do). I’ve even taken to bringing along two – one for during the race, and one for after! If you scroll through my blog, you’ll see other photos of me rocking the BUFF® in a variety of ways!

If you love BUFF® products like me – or want to try one for yourself –  you can use code “bibrave10” for 10% off your order until the end of September! Don’t wait!!

Are you a BUFF® fan? What’s your favourite way to wear BUFF® products?